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Living Lighter Workshop

Thursday, June 16th 12-1pm EST

Shed Emotional Weight, Feel Lighter Instantly

A fun new way of emotional decluttering!

Join Heather Aardema and Singalong Switch creator, April Ebeling to learn a reliable, fast-acting solution to clearing heavy negative emotions and welcome lightness and calm into your daily life!

You may have heard that to be centered and peaceful you need to spend hours journaling, reading, meditating, and definitely NOT sleeping in.

Singalong Switch is for women who are ready to learn a simple, straightforward, and effective path to peace.

Engaging with the Singalong Switch method will help you release the weight of negative energy and embrace peace easily.

What is Singalong Switch?

Singalong Switch is a combination of singing and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping). Similar to acupuncture, it uses acupressure to tap on meridian points, releasing stuck negative energy and calming our fight or flight response. Singalong Switch simply uses our own voices and fingers for a full-body reset!

Who is April?

April Ebeling had a successful music career as singer in the Navy, soloist for the NFL and NBA, and worship leader for churches but discovered the REAL power of music when she became a mom. High on stress and low on time, she needed a mindfulness practice that would deliver consistent calm in a chaotic time. By combining her passion for singing with the practical tool of tapping she created a powerful method to consistently connect with her inner calm.

Do I need any special tools or gear?

No! The beauty of this practice is that we will use our OWN voices and our OWN fingertips. The tools you need are literally at your fingertips and on the tip of your tongue!

But I’m not a singer!

Many of us have been told negative things about our voices or even been asked to “quiet down” or “step back.”

Singalong Switch will help you connect and love your voice so you can confidently use it however you feel called to.

This is not about getting better at karaoke, winning a talent show, or even joining a choir…this is about fully embracing the unique and powerful voice that YOU have and using it to help YOU.

Rediscovering your voice will help you gain a deeper connection with yourself.

Join us for this full-body reset!