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👋 Add The Release Retreat 1/2 Day Event Recording for just $7! (Live event retails at $199)

Watch The Release Retreat and learn how to:

1. Recommit to your dreams of creating a lighter home and life by quieting the negative voices inside that are always trying to sabotage your progress

2. Redesign how you care for your home and life so that you're no longer weighed down by mental, emotional and physical clutter

3. Reconnect to your own power to heal by releasing the tension in your body and calming your nervous system so that you can move toward your goals with ease👇

Overcoming Overwhelm

This is a DIY course designed to help you understand overwhelm so that you can intentionally decide what role you want overwhelm to play in your life moving forward.

There are 3 sections and 13 videos in this 29-minute course led by Heather Aardema. This course comes with an editable workbook that can be filled out on the computer, or printed and filled out by hand. 


The Basics of Overwhelm

  • I’m SO Overwhelmed
  • The Single Cause of Overwhelm
  • Saboteur Thoughts that Lead to Overwhelm
  • The Model & Overwhelm
  • Overwhelm as a Smokescreen For Other Feelings

Overwhelm is Optional

  • How to Feel and Move Through Overwhelm
  • The Physiology of Overwhelm
  • Getting into SAGE
  • Now Start
  • Overwhelm and The Elephant

When Overwhelm is No Longer For You

  • The Decision to Think on Purpose
  • Whatever You Choose, Like Your Reason
  • Your Life is Lighter

How should I prepare to watch this course?

You will want to be in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed. Have a cup of tea or your favorite drink close by. Wear comfortable clothing.

In under 30 minutes you'll be FEELING MUCH CLEARER and LIGHTER when it comes to your life and ALL the possibilities in front of you.