Weight Loss Isn’t Complicated

 Whatever your excess weight is - physical, mental, or emotional - with our decluttering methodology you can untangle yourself from patterns of over-eating, over-thinking and/or overwhelm and create a much lighter life.  

✔️ Imagine no more frustration with the number on the scale. 
✔️ Imagine no longer obsessing about your body.
✔️ Imagine LIKING how you look and LOVING your much LIGHTER life.


Wanting to lose weight
isn’t enough.

You have to be willing to lose it. In other words, willing to face the FOMO - fear of missing out.  

Doing less is more.

Complicated diets create added mental and emotional weight. No thank you! Are you open to doing less of what’s not working for you and more of what will?

Splurging needs to be
part of the plan.

If you go the route of deprivation, it's nearly impossible to keep the weight off and miserable to maintain it.

While the reasons to lose weight may be obvious, the path to getting there can feel anything but.


which foods are healthy and which foods aren’t

So why is it so hard to stay away from junk food? And why is it so easy to eat a whole bag of chips or a sleeve of cookies once we get started?

You can thank the food industry.

It's no secret that our primal brains love sugar, fat and salt.

The food industry knows this and manufactures foods that rival hard drugs for their addictive potential. There’s a very conscious effort—which takes place daily in labs and marketing meetings and grocery-store aisles—to hook us on foods that are convenient and inexpensive.

In the process of food product optimization, food engineers alter things with the sole intent of finding the most perfect version of a product so that it's nearly impossible to stop eating it.

This is called the bliss point.

Nearly all widely available foods have been painstakingly manufactured to hit that bliss point so that we keep going back for more and more and more.

Feeling addicted? You just might be. And it's not your fault.

Processed foods are complicated. Their ingredients clutter your body, confuse your chemistry and cause you to gain weight.

This doesn’t mean you can’t eat them or shouldn’t eat them. Just do it on your terms.


Without a clear, step-by-step plan, anchored into a larger vision and belief, weight loss is next to impossible. 

This is GOOD news.


Because we have the SOLL compass.

The compass is our way forward.

We use it to guide our clients as they declutter their way toward a lighter mind, body and home.

This means with a little intention on your part and good guidance on our part, your weight loss dreams are all achievable.

I see this happening to members of my community every single day. 

I invite you to join us in Living Lighter.


It’s designed for those who:

  • Want to lose the excess weight for the last time and are open to thinking about weight loss differently than they have in the past
  • Are looking for a supportive and kind group and like the idea of not doing weight loss alone
  • Would like guidance from a national board certified and functional medicine certified health coach who intimately knows weight loss struggles and has overcome all of them for good
I Want to Live a Lighter Life

“The Best Project You’ll Ever Work On Is You.”



 Coaching - Clarity - Connection

Living Lighter is our school's monthly weight-loss curriculum and community for those wanting a lighter life. Defined by its monthly themes, guidebooks, guest workshops, and weekly coaching with Heather, we're leaning into our potential while taking steps to create a clutter-free life full of what matters most.

  • Monthly wellness theme, video lesson, and corresponding workbook
  • The Living Lighter Success Guide and SOLL Compass 
  • Monthly workshop with a wellness guest expert
  • Twice-monthly small group coaching calls with Heather on Zoom 
  • Unlimited written coaching Q&A
  • Access to our Facebook Community where Heather goes live weekly from her office or kitchen sharing personal insights into the monthly lesson, foods she's eating, and answering any questions you have.



I'm also included these POWERFUL bonuses to make the decision to join Living Lighter an absolute heck yes!

BONUS 1: $150 registration fee WAIVED - BONUS 2: SOLL Cookbook (Value $25) - BONUS 3: SOLL Weight-loss Habits eGuide (Value $25) and SOLL Decluttering Habits eGuide (Value $25) - BONUS 4: Our SOLL Habit Tracker (editable online) - BONUS 5: Functional Food Plan (Priceless!) 



"The Living Lighter membership has been so helpful for clarifying goals, learning how to take the baby steps to get there and overall just digging deep into personal priorities and making sure that the way I live day to day will lead me in the direction that I want to go. The time spent with Heather is encouraging and positive. She can light a fire in you without ever making you feel “less than”. I am thankful to have found this space." 


“Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was scrambling to find ways to overcome it and stumbled upon the Living Lighter community. This has been the perfect place for me to move through my health issues and with the support of all the amazing women, the resources, and coaching from Heather - I lost 40 lbs (!) and have lessened my RA symptoms. I was amazed at how the pounds fell off and the amount of clarity I gained from choosing a different lifestyle and being a part of the Living Lighter community. 


​​Heather is an absolute delight. Her Living Lighter community is supportive, encouraging, and filled with women determined to live a life that feels lighter in all aspects—mentally, emotionally, physically. I love being a part of this community and look forward to all that Heather brings to us each week. If you want to live lighter, feel lighter, and be lovingly challenged to move forward, this is a great place to make that happen. Highly recommend."


What’s the Investment?

Your first month is normally $99 as membership in Living Light comes with so many high-value welcome gifts. But during this VERY limited-time offer, your first month is just $59… and it’s just $59/month after that! Or, pay $590 for the year and enjoy two free months of Living Lighter!

You’re about to feel much lighter!
currently $59/month
$590/year (2 free months)

This is Feeling Good, But I Have Questions...

Want Weight Loss To Feel Simple? 

Sometimes, success is all about finding the right community. 

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