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Seeing my clients living lighter! 

These are all extraordinary people with tremendous commitment to becoming their best, most-amazing selves. As you read the stories please keep in mind: These are all real clients. No one is ever compensated in any way for what they write. Instead, they paid me to help them achieve their dreams.

They all had good reasons to change, and good reasons not to change. Some felt more stuck than others. It's not easy being on the fence for weeks, much less decades. The common denominator? They all found the courage for change.

They applied themselves, followed my LIGHTER framework, and pushed through huge challenges, old fears, and limiting beliefs to succeed in creating a HOME, BODY and LIFE they love. They rose above and outgrew their problems. It's not easy, but they're now living lighter!

Meet a few of my incredible clients finally getting the RESULTS they want!


"School of Living Lighter will connect you to your inner voice, and inner desires. It will undo all of the COMPLICATED things you've been taught and the things do every day without thinking. And it will teach you how to live, move, and think in a simpler way that naturally translates to feeling light - mentally, physically, emotionally. Thank you, Heather!  Earlier today I realized that your course was one of the best things that came into my life this year!” 


I struggled with CLUTTER for at least 15 years. Working with Heather, I uncovered unconscious reasons WHY I hold onto things. One was resistance to an ordered house because of how my mother behaved (she'd get angry, judgmental, and rage if something were out of place.) Once Heather helped me realize I was turning "the act of decluttering" into the parent figure, I was SET FREE! I was no longer going to let my thoughts about my mom be the reason I sabotaged MY dream.Thank you Heather my life is now significantly LIGHTER in all aspects!


Heather is loving, caring, upbeat and youthful. She brings ideas that pivot my attention, thinking and behavior, like how to show up for myself in a way that feels right and light, moves me forward, and is my own choice. We have spoken about decluttering the house, paperwork, choices of food habits, relationship issues, and life decisions. Heather helps in EVERY domain.  All of this is a work in progress for me, and I’m LOVING the journey, each step of the way


“Working with Heather has proved to be invaluable to me. I’ve been struggling for years to find the right approach to weight loss. When I found Heather, she described it in terms that resonated for me. Slowly ridding myself of CLUTTER IN ALL AREAS: body, mind, and home, has certainly contributed to my success in steadily losing 32 pounds!


You have no idea how much of an impact your course has had on my life already! I feel like a different person even though I'm nowhere near done yet. I deleted over a THOUSAND emails in a very short time. I have been able to LET GO of material things with ease and feel lighter immediately. I donated several hundred books to a group of home educating families who needed funds to pay for a venue to carry on meeting up regularly, and many to a local charity shop that specialises in books.


I was miserable in my own body. I had tried to lose weight for 6 months and ended up gaining weight instead. After 5 babies I wanted to feel limber, energetic, and sexy, and I wanted my favorite athletics back in my life. Heather helped me see that was all possible. With her coaching, I’m down 30 pounds and 5 inches at my belly button and 4.5 inches at my love handles.


My coaching experience exceeded my expectations. Heather was a great coach for me EMOTIONALLY. I wouldn’t have been as successful and disciplined without her, and being on the Elimination Diet for joint pain ended up being much easier than I thought it would be. I lost 12 pounds which was unexpected, but a pleasant surprise! After coaching, I feel more positive about many aspects of my personal life.


“The Living Lighter lifestyle frees me up from thinking about food all the time. It’s such a relief to no longer be wrestling with all the emotions. Heather’s approach makes it simple in my brain and I’ve lost 21 pounds to date.”


"Working with Heather helped me identify how thoughts and words affect my feelings and my outcomes, both positively and negatively. I learned GRACE for myself and not to strive for perfection, but to strive for better. Being in the Living Lighter membership gives me a accountability and ongoing support from the group."


“With Heather’s guidance and the support of this community, I have come so far. I'm in a much better place emotionally and I have learned to let go of so many MATERIAL possessions that just don't serve me any longer. I look at this way ... there will be much less to pack if and when I decide to move and if that doesn’t happen, at least my son won’t have to deal with a cluttered attic and basement when I’m gone. We actually had that conversation recently and he honestly doesn’t want my “stuff” and is grateful for my decluttering efforts! That feels light for both of us!


Heather gave me a whole new outlook and appreciation for how all things impact my level of health and well-being. I was feeling tired and uninspired when it came to food. With her guidance and trusting the process, I now know which foods make me feel and function optimally. I have increased my level of activity and live a healthier lifestyle because it feels great and I love the results!


"A few years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was scrambling to find ways to overcome it and stumbled upon the Living Lighter community. The community was the perfect place for me to move through my health issues and with the support of all the amazing women, the resources, and coaching from Heather - I lost 40 lbs and have lessened my RA symptoms. I was amazed at how the pounds fell off and the amount of clarity I gained from choosing a different lifestyle and being a part of the Living Light community."  


"I was continuing to gain weight, stressed out with work and family obligations, and rarely took time for myself. My blood pressure, cholesterol and A1-C continued to climb each year. I blamed the situation on age and menopause, but in reality, I was making poor diet and exercise choices. I turned 55 and was determined to make some changes. Heather helped me to identify and achieve my goals. She taught me that her Live Lighter method isn't a diet, but a lifestyle choice. I lost 24 pounds on the Live Light Method and my blood pressure is now under control! My blood work continues to improve and my doctors are thrilled with my success. It was so worth the effort!"


“Heather's course provided me with the tools to change my thoughts, feelings, and reactions to things that have in the past caused me to comfort-eat, comfort-shop, comfort-everything. I was basically looking outside myself instead of inside myself to find solutions to my problems and it caused my life, and my body, to be heavy. The program has helped me to feel lighter in every aspect of my life!


"Heather is amazing!! I love her positive energy and the new, fresh perspectives she brings to situations. In just one session, she was able to help me shift long-held mindsets and beliefs that have kept me stuck for years, and gave me true hope that this can be a forever healing. Over the course of the last year, she has given me new ways of thinking and looking at everything, and asking myself the right questions to figure out what will best serve me and to let go of the thoughts and old patterns that don't. Her MINIMALIST approach to decluttering the mind, the harmful beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, as well as physical space just makes so much sense."


“​​Heather is an absolute delight. Her Living Lighter community is supportive, encouraging, and filled with women determined to live a life that feels lighter in all aspects—mentally, emotionally, physically. I love being a part of this community and look forward to all that Heather brings to us each week. If you want to live lighter, feel lighter, and be lovingly challenged to move forward, this is a great place to make that happen. Highly recommend."


At the time of the year (the holidays, as I’m writing this) when I normally feel down and sluggish, I feel energetic, hopeful, and happy. And, the scale is down 8 pounds. I think the best thing about this program is that I’m eating food that truly does nourish me, rather than reaching for things that really never helped (sugar, other simple carbs). I honestly don’t feel deprived, and instead, I feel like I’m taking time to make food that’s so good for me. Thank you, Heather, for your energy, inspiration, and guidance.


I witnessed a hard shift and overall personal awareness thanks to the myriad assignments given over the three months of working with Heather. I see more clearly and from a deep inner peace knowing that I am taking better care of myself overall. Heather lovingly guided me to discover new foods and discard those foods I hadn’t realize caused me low level food fog. She awakened in me a deep knowing of mindful living.


"The Living Lighter membership has been helpful for clarifying goals, learning how to take the baby steps to get there and overall just digging deep into personal priorities and making sure that the way I live day-to-day leads me in the direction that I want to go. The time spent with Heather is encouraging and positive. She can light a fire in you without ever making you feel “less than”. I am thankful to have found this space."


"Before starting Heather's program, I had so many false starts with dieting and beginning an exercise program and was approaching the obese category. I joined Heather's Living Lighter membership because it was about keeping things simple. And it worked! I set a goal to walk 10,000 steps every day during the month of June, nothing else. I met that goal every single day so I increased it to 12,000 every day in July. I started to eat healthier naturally and have lost 24 pounds so far! Thank you, Heather!"


"Heather's Live Lighter program helped me change several habits: letting dark, heavy thoughts explain poor food choices, unrealistic expectations for changing my eating habits, and not having a plan or expectation for what I would eat on a regular basis. I learned how to reframe many of my thoughts around the positive side (like I get to eat berries all the time), I realized that failures (even the big failures!) in my new ways of eating were a good thing (I don’t catastrophize the mistakes the way I used to), and simply having a plan and expectation for the foods I wanted in my life keeps me much more on track."



“I came to Heather’s program when my blood pressure had begun to climb into the “Pre-Hypertension” zone. I wanted a natural solution and thought that cutting through the clutter of weight-loss information by “living lighter” might be a safer alternative. What I gained from my experience was so much more than I expected. My one-on-one calls with Heather were like health, spirit, and life-coaching sessions all rolled into one! Heather helped me to ask all the right questions of myself so that the solutions I chose to implement were 100% tailor-fit to my life. By the end of the 10-week program my weight was continuing to drop and my blood pressure reading was consistently 107/70! I am so glad I took a chance and signed up. Heather is a treasure!”


“Heather made a profound impact on me. I now see how the mind and body are connected. This has changed my approach to life! Life is filled with ups and down and our thoughts and emotional patterns can directly impact our weight and health. Staying focused and remaining encouraged can be really challenging at times. Heather gets this. And she helped me see beyond what's happening in the moment and dig deeper so that I could have the genuine transformation that I wanted. I feel lighter and happier and I’m down 15 pounds. I'm on my journey well prepared and hopeful (I’m now only two pounds away!) thanks so much to Heather!!”


“When I joined Heather’s Living Lighter community I think I secretly wanted someone to come in and sort out my life! Instead Heather empowered me to get curious, play and experiment. To discover what was uniquely important for me to live a lighter life. Through my time in Living Lighter I was able to finally get pregnant and navigate postpartum health. I developed ownership of my day and created habits so I think less about eating and self care happens more naturally. I also learnt to easily decide when to say yes and when to say no. I'm no longer 'on' or 'off' a healthy lifestyle and I no longer need rescuing from my life and that feels light!"


I am a happier and healthier person after working with Heather. I saw the results from every angle. A few weeks after changing my diet and focusing on mental and emotional health, I have noticed major changes: I have less information, I am more productive throughout the day, my sleep has improved, my skin is clear, I haven’t had any chronic coughing, and I can manage road rage and anxiety.


Working with Heather has definitely been a positive experience for me—she is motivating, inspiring and knowledgeable! She helped me set and rich realistic goals. I am feeling great, less bloated and I can breathe clearly. I am so grateful!


Every day I tap into understanding I gained through Heather. My family and I are eating better, but that’s honestly just the start. Heather added to my bliss on so many levels - from using Thieves oil for cleaning, to making vegetables the main part of my meals, to setting my intentions on health! I would encourage anyone to work with her.


Working with Heather has been a highlight of my life! Her positive energy in view of life is contagious as well as thought-provoking. She was very good at listening to our ideas, differences and fears been making suggestions to meet our objectives. It’s a gift to be mindful of what I put into my body as well as taking time to breathe and appreciate the day.


"The Living Lighter sisterhood has helped me relax, to know it's ok that I'm human, yet it encourages me to live my life to the fullest in all the good ways, leaving behind or rising above the many stresses of life. Leaving behind clutter, working through chaos, and filling my life with an abundance of good; that's what it's taught me I can do.  Oh, yes! And Recipes! And help with the cooking! I LOVE that part too. Thanks, Heather!"


Even as a health and wellness practitioner, I came away from Heather’s program with a renewed sense of purpose, direction and inspiration. She truly walks her talk. Heather openly shares how she has found ways to not only survive but thrive through her own health challenges and does so with such resilience, passion and grace. It is a true testament to her knowledge and dedication and helping others live a life they love. She is the real deal.


Heather sees the best in you and reflects it back out into the world so that you can eventually see yourself the way that she does. Over our time together, I started to find myself perfect too, and in doing so, my confidence and love for myself soared. While I did lose well over 10 pounds, I had a breakthrough around who I am and what I want in life.


Heather has a way of shining light on the areas that trouble you and she leads you to higher ground where being YOU is such a joy. Working with Heather my weight began to drop, opportunities came my way, I began a new field of study professionally, and the love of my life appeared. Basically, my life flipped. I've released 50 lbs now. I have also lowered my blood glucose (HbA1c), lowered my cholesterol, normalized my triglycerides, and dropped several sizes.”


You have what it takes. I've been where you are. I was stuck. I didn't like how my home looked and felt, or how I looked and felt. And I didn't know how to move forward.

Then it hit me. If I was ever going to get "better" I couldn't keep doing what I had been doing. I hadn't seen the connections between my choices and my health. And my big realization was that EVERY choice I made did one of two things. It either built me up or it hurt me, more simply put, it either made life lighter or heavier.

So I made the conscious decision to address my life at the most fundamental, the most primal level. I hope you'll do the same. 

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