A Body, Home And Life You Love!


We’ll use my signature Live LightER Methodology to discover your unique formula for the things that matter most to you.

Private coaching is the best investment you can make into your own personal development. This is for you if you want 1:1 time with Heather to dive deep into your potential. You’ll gain insight into your subconscious and become aware of the thoughts behind your over-collecting, overspending, overeating and over-reacting. And you'll discover how to move forward in a way that's aligned with what you really want in life. There is limited availability for private coaching with a 1-2 month waitlist.


Both your house and body will be lighter and you’ll be excited about your initial momentum. Arguing for status quo will be a thing of the past.


This is the point where change becomes easy and doesn’t take nearly as much thought. You’ll love how much lighter your life is getting.


You’ll love your new body and what it can do. FOMO is a thing of the past and JOMO is an anchor in your much lighter, calmer, and very happy life.

Heart to heart, I believe an investment in yourself is THE BEST investment you can make.

I believe you deserve to invest at least 1% - 5% of your annual household income on transforming YOUR health and life for good.

That may sound like a lot, especially if you're not used to spending money on yourself.

But the fact is we all spend money, and I believe it’s best spent on bettering ourselves (rather than on more shiny objects).

If you’re serious and the time feels right, let's talk. Get some time on my calendar, and I promise I'll be there.



Clients tell me that I help them learn how to reimagine a vibrant new health reality, redesign how they care for their bodies, reconnect to their own power to heal, and recharge their spirits to feel more energized, resilient and whole. 

Not sure you’re ready?

My coaching is designed to be one of the biggest commitments you ever make. You're paying me for your life to change. For the VERY real possibility of you transcending your clutter once and for all, or a major weight-loss goal being achieved that wouldn't have been achieved without my coaching. 

I partner with women who are willing to go all in on their weight-loss dreams. I'm investing my energy in you and your potential—and I show up 100%. I don’t do refunds. Period. If you’re not sure about change, or about trying new things—we’re probably not a good fit.  

Investing in a package is the most cost-efficient way to go. However, if you want to first try a private session with me, I make a few of those available at $500. I want the thought of coaching with me to feel like a heck yes! When you choose to continue working with me your original investment will go toward the greater package. 

If you're tight on finances, I've got you. Check out Living Lighter, which is the most accessible way to work with me.

Learn More About Living Lighter feel really good in your own skin. FOMO is a thing of the past. And the excess weight isn’t going to come back, EVER - not on your body and not in your home. Work with me and this is your story.