Corporate wellness programs lead to a 25% reduction in company costs associated with sick leave, health plans, workers’ compensation, and disability insurance.

HEATHER AARDEMA HAS AN MBA AND SPENT 20 YEARS IN CORPORATE AMERICA, so she understands exactly how an employee’s mental health and well-being affect peak performance. In her last corporate role, she was a VP of Marketing Strategy and led nationwide research on employee job satisfaction.  

Heather is happy to create a custom training for your group. Or choose from one of the following wellness training topics. Each of these sessions take about 45 - 60 minutes and can be combined for a more in-depth experience.
  • Let's All Get Along This training focuses on workplace relationships and puts an emphasis on communication and setting healthy boundaries. This will allow you to create a more cohesive team that can work together more fluidly, where everyone feels valued and is excited to contribute. We’ll recognize everyone’s unique talents and encourage support and collaboration to achieve team goals.
  • How to Stay Focused & Check Off Your To-Do List with Confidence This training will help each employee to de-clutter their desk, to-do list, and maybe even other areas of their lives. This will give them more confidence in their abilities. And it will allow them to focus and prioritize tasks and get them done more efficiently and effectively, and in less time.
  • Living Lighter In the Workplace This training is all about elevating the well-being of every employee while amplifying the positive energy of the office space. Each employee will come away with several tools and tips to become less cluttered in their mindset. And it will help them understand how their own personal energy contributes to the overall energy of the workplace.

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Amanda Simpson—Marketing, Branding & Sales Enablement Leader
Leopard, An Ogilvy Speciality Agency

“If you’re looking to create a high-energy workshop that results in actionable information, work with Heather Aardema. I personally have participated in, or assisted in, facilitating a number of her workshops, and would say she is hands-down the strongest facilitator you can find.

Heather has a keen ability to stimulate critical thinking, draw conversation from the full complement of participants, and uncover findings and areas of opportunity based on the dialogue she generates. 

Heather is incredibly strategic and maintains a focused purpose with all her work – yet she finds a way to make it engaging and fun. You will never be bored at one of her working sessions. And you’ll be amazed at how much she makes you think in just a few short hours.”

Shelly Meyer—D.O., M.S., R.D.
Family Physician and Registered Dietitian
Highlands Health and Wellness

“I highly recommend Heather's workshops to other health practices that are transitioning to functional medicine—or are needing to grow their practice and attract the right kind of client. Instead of trying to attract everyone, she has helped us hone in on our ideal client for our growing functional medicine practice. And she has inspired us in finding creative ways to communicate our unique message and services.

Her creativity and marketing expertise have really invigorated and united our team of practitioners. Her energy has renewed our energy!”

Monica Pelle—RD,
Wellness Coordinator for KB Home (a coast-to-coast home builder)

“I believe Heather Aardema is truly the best of the best on the topic of living lighter. We had tons of engagement during her up-beat 45-minute webinar, "Declutter Your Life." 

We raffled off a gift for her "Less" DIY decluttering program and it has transformed the winner's life. His wife had passed away four years ago, and he didn't know how to start letting go. After attending Heather's webinar, and going through the course, he's thrilled to finally feel unstuck."

Every organization could benefit from having her speak to their employees on the power of decluttering the mind, body & home and I'm so glad I reached out to her!