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Seeking a lighter life?

I founded the School of Living Lighter (SOLL) with the goal of creating an example of what’s possible in our lives when we intentionally choose to go lighter. This looks like LETTING GO of the thoughts and things that are weighing you down. It translates to enjoying more of the things you love and less of the things you don't. Saying no to distractions so you can say yes to what matters most. Creating a clutter-free home. Losing the excess weight. Here at SOLL, we take a different path—a lighter path—toward our weight-loss dreams (and ALL our dreams) and have tremendous success.

Our promise to you:

Address the clutter—in your mind, body and home—and you will become your lightest and truest self yet. 

Mind Clutter

This manifests as the negative thoughts that are weighing you down. Maybe you believe that you're too much or not enough. Or you spend a lot of time ruminating about your interactions with others. Perhaps you believe that you have to DO IT ALL, ALL THE TIME to be worthy. These are all examples of mind clutter that incessantly tells you that you deserve the extra wine and cake, or 'to shop until you drop' until you succumb.

Body Clutter

This is what you put in and on your body that doesn’t do you any favors. Maybe you’re mindlessly consuming too many empty calories. Perhaps you're using toxic beauty care and questionable cleaning products. Or the air you're breathing is contaminated with toxic mold. Body clutter becomes excess pounds that get between you and the life you want to live. 

Home Clutter 

This looks like an uncomfortable amount of stuff—like a closet that’s bursting with clothes or countertops that never get cleaned. Home clutter represents all of the distractions in which you looked for happiness and didn’t find it. The clutter in your home doesn’t just make a visual mess; it creates sensory overload and stress in your life.


I'm a former overweight clutter-bug turned minimalist and the founder of School of Living Lighter.

As a former TV ad executive, I spent two decades convincing people that they needed the latest gadget to be happy. Struggling to find deeper meaning in my job towards the end of my corporate career, I bought anything I wanted telling myself I deserved it. I couldn't take off my extra weight, my home was cluttered, and life felt complicated and heavy. Then, I discovered minimalism—the intentional pursuit of focusing on what matters most by removing the distractions that remove joy from life—and felt myself getting lighter by the day.

I walked away from corporate, embraced a new way of living, and today have helped thousands tackle their clutter, un-complicate their lives, and lose their excess mental, emotional and physical weight for good. 

Clutter isn’t just the stuff in your closet. It’s anything that gets between you and the life that you want to be living.


Love for Heather & a Lighter Lifestyle:


Heather has a way of shining light on the areas that trouble you and she leads you to higher ground where being YOU is such a joy. Working with Heather my weight began to drop, opportunities came my way, I began a new field of study professionally, and the love of my life appeared. Basically, my life flipped. I've released 50 lbs now. I have also lowered my blood glucose (HbA1c), lowered my cholesterol, normalized my triglycerides, and dropped several sizes.”


“Heather is loving, caring, upbeat and youthful. She brings ideas that pivot my attention, thinking and behavior, like how to show up for myself in a way that feels right and light, moves me forward, and is my own choice. We have spoken about decluttering the house, paperwork, choices of food habits, relationship issues, and life decisions. Heather helps in EVERY domain. All of this is a work in progress for me, and I’m LOVING the journey, each step of the way."


“Heather has a beautiful way of bringing lightness to all aspects of life—EVEN decluttering—something that has always felt so heavy. When looking at it through her lens, it’s so much easier to reframe and LESS really does become more. She’s helped me see that clutter isn’t just physical things—mind clutter, relationship clutter...those matter, too, and when you hone in and remove that ‘invisible’ clutter, the physical clutter becomes much easier to work through. Heather’s approach has by far been the most helpful in moving me forward.”


Ready to start Living Lighter?

Living Lighter is Heather's monthly curriculum and community for those wanting a lighter life (and who do better with accountability and personal support). Defined by its monthly themes, guidebooks, guest workshops, and weekly coaching with Heather, this is the place to create a clutter-free life full of WHAT MATTERS MOST.

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