Most are negative. 

Before you get hard on yourself, I want you to know that this inherent negativity bias is part of our biology.

It's what kept us alive all those years ago on the savannah. If we hadn't been on the lookout for danger, maybe we wouldn't be here today. This is why we're drawn to overcomplication, drama, and chaos...mind clutter is the language of our primitive brain. The good news is that we can rise above our natural tendency to go negative by embracing a new way of thinking, one rooted in intentionality and lightness.

This is how we take our power back and create the life we want to live.

That's what this movement is all about, the intentional decision to go lighter.


Finally, make the changes you want.

Yet, change can feel hard. 

At School of Living Lighter, we get this.

Your mind sees all change as a threat. That's why we created Our SOLL Compass. The power in our compass? It WORKS for any journey you're on. . . weight loss, decluttering, better relationships, you name it, it works and your life will soon be lighter because you were able to move through the fear of change.

Here's a peek: if you're truly interested in living lighter, start by listening. Ask yourself what's your intention for a lighter life. Once you know what matters most to you, move to let go. After addressing all the reasons you won't be successful, or can't start just yet, you're ready to learn. You won't "get off track" or "fall off the wagon" as long as you love your process so make it fun. Keep using our compass and you'll be living lighter - mind, body and home - before you know it! 

There are many messages on how to do life, and on how to do it well. This can feel overwhelming, even paralyzing. So if you want to live your best life possible, how do you figure out what to do? 

Simple. Get in the habit of going light.

We don’t say go light, lightly. Going light isn’t superficial, it’s one of the most powerful pathways to intentionality there is. So trust the deep knowing inside of you. Ask yourself, does thinking this thought, feeling this feeling, or taking this action feel light or heavy? If it feels light, it's right. If it feels heavy, that’s where you have work to do.

One thing is for sure. You won’t go wrong if you go light. And that's what this movement is all about.


An expert in the field of minimalism, wellbeing and weight loss; Heather Aardema has helped thousands lighten their lives and feel good in their homes and skin again. Her mission is to share the Living Lighter message around the globe.


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