Heather Aardema is an optimistic build-er-upper, momma of two boys, mountain biker, and fan of homemade and not-perfect. She's the founder of the School of Living Lighter.

Heather Aardema is an optimistic build-er-upper, momma of two boys, mountain biker, and fan of homemade and not-perfect. She's the founder of the School of Living Lighter.


Heather spent years creating TV ads designed to convince people that they needed to purchase her client’s latest innovation to be happy. Feeling the years slipping by, and eager for more meaning, she discovered minimalism, a powerful pathway toward intentionality.

Just over 5 years ago, Heather left the corporate world to pursue her dream of helping women tackle their clutter, un-complicate their lives, and lose weight for good. Today, as a board-certified coach and expert in behavior change, and feeling more fit and energetic at 47 than at 27, she guides her clients toward weight-loss breakthroughs by helping them clear the clutter—in their minds, bodies, and homes—so that they can live lives they love, too.


First, Does This Sound Like You?

You woke up and said today's the day. You're no longer going to “cheat.” You may have even made a meal plan and gone to the grocery store so that you’d be set for the week.

But then Wednesday happened. And even with the best intentions, you abandoned your dream of weighing less.

Why do we struggle so much?

Is it because of hormones, age, genetics? Sometimes. But it’s mostly because of our approach. It derails us before we even start.

We try to lose weight in a GO - READY - SET mode, which doesn't work out in the long run. We overcomplicate things and make things way harder than they need to be. And then we lose steam and momentum and all of a sudden another year goes by and we're still carrying the extra weight.

At School of Living Lighter, we get this.

And that's why we created Our SOLL Compass.

Here's a peek on how it works: if you're truly interested in living lighter, start by listening. Once you know what matters most to you, move to let go. After addressing all the reasons you won't be successful, or can't start just yet, you're ready to learn. You won't "get off track" or "fall off the wagon" as long as you love your process so make it fun. Keep using our compass and you'll be living lighter - mind, body and spirit - before you know it! 

My mission is to help you design and create a lighter life.


 For years I didn’t like how I looked or felt. When I was 17 a coach told me that I needed to lose weight if I wanted to be competitive. It hurt, but he was right. I had put on weight over the winter and it was going to impact my performance. The weight came off, but came back on quickly. In college, I put more weight on while I was actively trying to lose it. I had a LOT of FOMO for my favorite foods and the scale seemed to always be stuck. Years later I had a light bulb moment and realized that I had been overcomplicating things.

I intentionally got rid of a bunch of physical, mental and emotional clutter, shed what was holding me back, and today I’m so much happier with my much lighter life.









I started journaling and the more I wrote, the more it became clear that I wanted a simpler, lighter life. The following essays, drawn from my blog, give an up-close view of my personal wellness and weight loss journey.

A Minimalist In The Making

I wasn't born a minimalist like my husband, dad or sister. 

A Journey From FOMO to JOMO

I no longer need to use distractions to cover up a lack of fulfillment.

What are you Hungry for?

I was born with a voracious appetite for all things. 

Addition by Subtraction

Recently our life changed as we knew it and we needed to let go of almost everything due to toxic mold. 

Be a Maker of You

There is always new opportunity right around the corner. Here's how to go be a maker of YOU! 

Three Strategies For Kicking Your Sugar Habit

How to get out from under the pull that sugar has.

Trimming the Dead Branches

Trim the branches that are weighing you down—and let the beautiful light come through.

A Widened Perspective

The jolt we need when words hurt. 

Breaking Free from FOMO + Food

The concept of JOMO has liberated me from the hold certain foods had on me. 

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An expert in the field of minimalism, wellbeing and weight loss; Heather Aardema has helped hundreds of clients lighten their lives and feel good in their skin again.


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