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Experience a real transformation—from your cluttered home to your overwhelmed life—with proven tools and strategies to live with purpose and meaning.

An unconventional method to losing ALL the weight for good so you can show up authentically and finally focus on the things that matter most! 


  • You're struggling to find balance between work, family and your own desire to be healthier;
  • Craving more connection and simplicity in life;
  • Longing for more soul time and less time keeping up your home
  • Hungry for mindfulness and an end to stress eating; and
  • Ready to live the best possible life

You want less...less weight, less inflammation, less pain...and less stuff. You want to feel lighter in every sense of the word. But the thing about weight that it can feel really hard, and make everything else seem hard, too.

If you're living life carrying the extra physical weight I can guarantee you’re carrying extra mental and emotional weight, too. And, not only do you feel the load, but your house is most likely weighed down too.

I’m here to tell you that 100% life can get lighter - so much lighter! You’re not a failure, you just haven’t found the right path for you. 


The 5-module, step-by-step program to lose weight by releasing your mental, emotional and physical clutter so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll today:

  • The entire Live Light Method training. Five in-depth modules including videos, workbooks and audio downloads. (Value = $999.00)
  • BONUS: 3 Tips to on How to Let Go of Clutter (Value = $49.00) 

  • BONUS: How to Beat the Sugar Cravings (Value = $49.00)

  • BONUS: Heather’s Favorites—Convenient Food Brands and Cookbooks (Value = $49.00)

  • BONUS UPGRADE: A private one-on-one coaching session with Heather (Value = $500)

The key to living light has nothing to do with diets and restriction. Most approaches to weight struggles miss the point and make life heavier, not lighter!

You can move from food controlling you a lighter life in ALL senses of the word. Ready to shed the mental, emotional and physical weight you carry? Ready to release your clutter and live on the lighter side of life?


  • Discover the scientifically proven connections between stress, a cluttered home, and excess weight gain... and how an intentional lifestyle can help you shed ALL the weight—the mental, emotional and physical burdens that you no longer want to carry. 
  • Learn how to stop overcomplicating things and decide to go that life feels lighter and you feel freer. 
  • Break away from the overwhelming, constant go- go-go pressure that you face every day — and wake up with a new sense of clarity, purpose, and meaning. 
  • See how your “white space,” the moment when nothing needs to happen and you can simply pause and get quiet, is the most important thing you’ve been neglecting. 
  • Make room to grow. It’s time to free yourself from all the messes and distractions so you can finally focus on the things that matter most and start living a lighter life.
I Want to Live a Lighter Life


The Live Light Method course provided me with the tools to change my thoughts, feelings, and reactions to things that have in the past caused me to comfort-eat, comfort-shop, comfort-everything. I was basically looking outside myself instead of inside myself to find solutions to my problems and it caused my life, and my body, to be heavy. The program has helped me to feel lighter in every aspect of my life!


"I was continuing to gain weight, stressed out with work and family obligations, and rarely took time for myself. My blood pressure, cholesterol and A1-C continued to climb each year. I blamed the situation on age and menopause, but in reality, I was making poor diet and exercise choices. I turned 55 and was determined to make some changes. I lost 24 pounds on the Live Light Method and my blood pressure is now under control! My blood work continues to improve and my doctors are thrilled with my success. It was so worth the effort!"


The Live Light Method will connect you to your inner voice, and inner desires. It will undo all of the complicated things you've been taught and the things do every day without thinking. And it will teach you how to live, move, and think in a simpler way that naturally translates to feeling light - mentally, physically, emotionally. Thank you, Heather!  Earlier today I realized that your Live Light course was one of the best things that came into my life this year!”  

Clutter is more than just a messy room. It can drain your body of energy and vibrant health. It shows up everywhere and in the Live Light Method, you’ll learn how to identify it and release it from your life.

The Live Light Method is made up of 5 Modules

Module 1

This module is made up of 5 lessons and will lay the foundation for a lighter life. In this module we talk about getting better at doing hard things, what sugar is doing to you, learning to self coach, carving out white space and getting intentional about food.

Module 2

Food is so much more than calories, in the three lessons in this module we talk about the definition of food, the 5 tastes and why they matter for weight loss and how to stop thinking about eating all the time.

Module 3

What does healthy mean to you? In the three lessons in this module we talk about the definition of healthy, the mental, emotional, and physical roadblocks to living the highest, truest vision for yourself and the simplest equation for weight loss success.

Module 4

Do you have too much stuff? In this three lessons module we talk about the story of stuff and why it matters, what the research says about physical clutter and its impact on our health and wellness and the 5 most powerful tips on how to live a lighter life.

Module 5

There’s more to the story than getting intentional about food and clutter for weight loss. In the three lessons in this module we talk about the 5 modifiable lifestyle factors and how you can benefit from them, how to keep your momentum going and how to manifest your future and where you go from here.

Here’s What You’ll Recieve:

My availability to work with clients privately is limited, and the cost is far more than the tuition for this program. With The Live Light Method, you gain access to the foundational training, the transformative resources, and the essential strategy, but for a lot less.

  • The Entire Live Light Method Training - Five in-depth modules including videos, audio downloads, workbooks and slide decks
  • 3 bonus videos!
  • A private one-on-one coaching session with Heather - post session you'll feel uplifted, motivated and finally have a plan that feels light and right  

Total Value = Nearly $2,000!

Flash Sale => Get Now for Only $159 (normally $459)

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