10 Health Practices for A Well Life

My Secret To A WELL LIFE. I didn't always put my health first. But now that I am living with three autoimmune diseases nothing feels more important. If I am thriving, then so is my family. If I am not, no one is.

I often ask clients, would you like to... 

REIMAGINE your current health reality, REDESIGN how you care for your body, RECONNECT to your own power to heal, and RECHARGE your spirit to feel more energized, resilient and whole?

And I get a resounding oh heck YES, which is followed by a blank stare and a BUT HOW? 

So here you have it, my HOW:


1. Find Inspiration 

To create a new health reality find your wellness super heroes. What are they doing that you like? Emulate them. Ask yourself what you want your story to be. Create a well life vision and revisit it every 6 months. Are you staying on track? 

2. Build a Blueprint

Now that you know your intention, define your strategy and corresponding plan. Focus on what is in your control—things like nutrition, sleep + relaxation, relationships, stress transformation and exercise + movement. Don't focus on what you can't control. Create SMART goals—goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Bring your best self to the table by using your character strengths and embracing the essence of you. I talk more about character strengths here. 

3. Eat Food that is Worthy of You

Go heavy on the plants and I mean really heavy—like 9-13 servings of vegetables a day. Choose a lot of color. Eat clean—organic, grass-fed, grass-finished and free-range. Choose chocolates that are over 70% cacao. Savor desserts that are homemade with organic whole foods, love and intention. Your body deserves only the best. Not the best? Processed foods full of chemicals and colorings. 

4. Drink Half your Body Weight in Ounces

Most municipal water is contaminated so use a filter. Drink out of a glass or stainless steel container to stay away from dangerous endocrine-disrupting chemicals and carcinogens. You will find these in plastics, even BPA-free plastics. Drink green and herbal teas, consider kombucha and kefir, and if you need an immune boost have a cup of homemade bone broth.

5. Splurge on Quality

Don't spray or rub anything onto your body that you wouldn't eat. Take a look at the ingredients on your lotions, shampoos and make-up. How many ingredients do they each have? Can you pronounce them? My lotions are simple—I open up a jar of coconut oil or I create a mixture with extra virgin olive oil, essential oils and coco butter. Concerned about pesticides, herbicides and insecticides being too close to your skin? I don't blame you. Opt for organic cotton or go the bamboo route. 

6. Get Emotions in Motion

Do you find yourself over-eating, over-drinking or distracting yourself in other ways when you feel emotional? Choose an outlet that matches the intensity of your emotion. Furious? Sprint around the block. Annoyed? Walk barefoot in the grass. Connect with nature. When emotions get stuck inside, we get stressed, then sick. So get those emotions in motion.

7. Move Rigorously

When was the last time exercise made you sweat? Or you had to bend over your knees to catch your breath? Intense physical bursts are directly related to greater energy. You don’t have to sweat a lot but if you want to feel better and perhaps shed some pounds, you have to get your skin shining at least a few times a month. So find something you like to do, and do it.

8. Breath Deeply and Often

Get out of your chest. Imagine your breath going in a circle. Start at your belly, then fill up your chest, reach your neck and then release the air and imagine it going down your spine. Need a better visual? Watch a newborn sleep and notice how their bellies slowly move up and down. To switch to your parasympathetic system, breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and release for 8 seconds. Do this a few times and then notice the increase in energy you feel.

9. Touch and be Touched

Physically, emotionally and spiritually. Notice how there is 'we' in 'well' and 'i' in 'ill'? Life is more meaningful when you share yourself and soak up the beauty of others. Other ways to touch and be touched? Consider acupuncture and massage. Read a book that speaks to your soul. Watch a sunrise. Forest bathe. Be kind. The list could go on and on and on.

10. Stay Present and Honest

Every 3 months complete a 3-day diet/lifestyle/food journal to keep things real. I also like to do a 10 day sugar fast once a quarter. You are creating a new health reality. Old habits may resurface. If they didn't serve you well before, they probably won't now. If you feel like things are going south, revisit these 10 points. If you are still not happy, call me and we will roll up our sleeves together to get you back on track.

Tired Of Feeling Less Than 100%?

Want To Live A Well Life? 

Try These 10 Steps!