Fresh Starts

A few years ago when the news spread that I was leaving my corporate job many people asked me, so what will you do? I’d mention excitedly that I was going back to school again, and this time to become a certified health & wellness coach. 

The response—huh? And blank stares. 

Which would be followed up with, You know what you should do instead? You should become a nurse! 

Now, I deeply respect the field of nursing, but as someone who for decades has needed to turn her head away anytime blood was drawn, I instinctively knew that this field was not for me. 

To each person who mentioned it (and there were many), I’d explain that I was much more interested in health care than sick care. This made them even more perplexed. They wanted to fit me into a box they understood. A health coach could mean anything—and they were concerned.   

I thanked all for their input knowing full well the path I was headed down. 

I had spent 20 years of my life in a career that was meaningful, but not fulfilling. I could have stayed put. I didn’t have to leave corporate. I had it pretty easy—long lunches, morning and afternoon coffee shop breaks, and I was at a point where I didn’t bring work home to do in the evenings or on weekends. But there was something inside of me saying Now or never Heather. It’s time for a fresh start. You’ll soar if you trust in yourself. Listen to your heart and you’ll find your way. You’re meant for more. You’ve already overcome your own wellness hurdles, it’s time to help others.   

I knew I had to be part of the wellness solution for others.

I knew that’s where I could make my impact. 

And although my vision wasn’t super clear at the time, I knew I could help people who were interested in making the most of their potential—people who wanted to become the best version of themselves but didn’t know how to get there on their own. People who were hungry for answers, and willing to do the work to find them. People who were craving simplicity and yearning for insight, connection, and hope.

I was drawn to those wanting better, wanting an even more robust life experience. 

What could I offer them? I could help them address and remove all the various types of clutter weighing them down. I could be an example of what was possible. I could lead them to more balance, resilience, and the many benefits of a lighter life. 

I’d say these things and be asked, but can you do that? Do people buy that? What about my nurse idea? You could do it—didn’t you get good grades? 

Yes, I got good grades because I’m an achiever. Good grades mattered to me. But the areas in which I was truly gifted and talented didn’t come with grades. So for decades, I thought my real strengths were insignificant. That my natural ability to raise spirits, inspire action, and spread joy meant nothing. That my ease in spotting the potential in others was common. That creating a realistic plan rooted in a vision for better and to stay the course was natural for all.  

Today, I now know how unique my strengths are—and that I was designed specifically for coaching. It’s a perfect fit. 

And I’ve beyond grateful that this is indeed, what people want. That I can have a successful career showing up exactly as the person I am. That my work is both meaningful and fulfilling. 

With the days getting longer and warmer Summer can be a slower time for coaches. However many are reaching out to me. They’re asking about fresh starts, and about releasing their pandemic pounds—not just the physical ones, but the mental and emotional ones as well. 

In our sessions, we talk a lot about their vision for better health. About what matters most to them and who they need to become to make their dreams come true. We drill in on the mental clutter that’s holding them back. And we explore what a lighter life could look like.

These conversations are full of mental shifts and flexibility. The sabotaging thoughts are recognized, owned, and released. And as we conclude each session, I hear a newfound motivation in their voices, see a smile in their eyes, and peace on their faces. 

It’s an honor to watch each transformation.

My clients' lives are lighter because their thoughts are lighter. They’re finding the courage to explore their potential and they’re coming out on top. 

No one mentions becoming a nurse to me anymore. I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. The coaching occupation oozes meaning and fulfillment for me. And I recognize that it’s not for everyone, nor should it be.

What about you? Are you where you’re meant to be? Is it time for a fresh start?